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A New start After a Little Break

The last year brought a lot of time consuming changes, so I neglected my blogging (and also other online activity) a little bit.
Anyway, I had a lot of new project ideas, blog entries and other tasks to do, queued in my Trello lists. So my brain wasn’t standing still.

One cause was the birth of my beautiful little girl. It was something new to learn, from now on I’ll be responsible for that little girl for the next few years. It is also a lot of fun to spend some time with her and watching her grow.

The other great change in my life was at work. I got the chance to lead our development team at AUTFORCE Automation GmbH and took the responsibility of the whole development process. I have a lot of new activities to fulfill that must be mastered over time. So also a lot of my spare time went into preparation for work.

Now after a few day with less work and a little spare time, while my little girl is sleeping, I found some time to write some articles and hopefully will find some time in future for even more.